My wedding dress was the Rebecca Ingram Yvonne. It was everything I could have wanted and more. It was not only a dress that depicted class and elegance, it was functional and comfortable! It was everything.

One big highlight for me was having my hair and makeup completed and putting on my dress. It was the first time i had seen the entire look together in one piece. I went to the mirror and just stared at my self. I realised in that moment that everything i had been dreaming of was happening today and that i was everything i envisioned and more.
The Biggest highlight for my day was seeing my soon to be husband for the first time when the church doors opened. All of my nerves disappeared and i could not have walked down that aisle quicker.

My experience at Abbey Bridal couldn't have been better. The girls shared my excitement and were just as enthusiastic. They made the experience so much more fun!

Ladies, when you have put your dress on, hair and make up is done and you are about to get ready and leave to marry the love of your life, go to the bathroom alone and take a minute for yourself. Take a breath and be present. Absorb the day and what is about to unfold.

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Photography: Impact Images

Abbey Bridal